Described as a “Tasmanian Devil on a Double-Espresso,” Dorina’s positive high-energy style connects with educators of all subjects and levels, and has them laughing and applauding within minutes of opening her mouth.

Her complete honesty and vulnerability is a refreshing and much needed reminder about the work educators do each day, and it is not uncommon for attendees to approach Dorina after her speech, with tears in their eyes, telling her of the profound impact her words have had upon them.

“By FAR the most meaningful PD I have ever been to. What a gift you have given us: your heart, your passion, your vulnerability and your humor.”
~Diane Fight, Mid-TESOL Conference Attendee

While every one of Dorina’s keynote speeches and breakout sessions are specifically tailored to meet your needs, her three areas of expertise are:

Inspiring & Motivating Teachers

Empowering English Learners

Emotional Intelligence

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